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Commercial service

The commercial department handles relations and communication with:

  • Airports customers (welcome desk, information, tickets sales and reservations, invoicing...)
  • Tourism and air transport professionnals (airlines, travel agencies, tours-operators, companies and others tourism partners…)
  • Communication and medias: airport marketing and communication campaigns, exhibitions

This deparment also proposes commercial offices for rental, handle the meeting-rooms planning.


If you want to use the logo of the airport for your print media, you can download them here :

If you want to use the logo for your print media, please call us first on 05 55 45 15 15.



Airport Station department

The Station department includes :

  • Flights supervisors and  handling agents for passengers checking, boarding and disembarking operations
  • Security staffs for all the security compulsory controls to passengers and luggage as well as monitoring all the airport reserved zone.
  • Ramp agents in charge of aircrafts handling on the ground (guiding, freight, luggage and catering loading and un loading (aircrafts parking, de-icing,  cleaning and washing, aircrafts refuelling...)  
  • Operations agents (PCA) are handling all air-ground operations (aircrafts centering and loadsheets, operations irregularities, notams,  management of handling requests...).

Infrastructures service

The Infrastructures department is in charge of all works on the 172 acres of the site, of all the environmental aspects, of prevention,  maintenance, lightning and energy.

Fire rescue brigade

In charge of fire fighting on board of aircrafts; is composed of a team of 17 firemen.