What Is YouTube Vanced - Reasons Why YouTube Vanced Is the Best Modded App

YouTube Vanced is a relatively new modded version of YouTube made especially for mobile use. It adds quite a few features to the already existing official YouTube application, such as built-in ad blocking, full-screen mode, enhanced video sharing, and background playback.

YouTube Vanced

What Is YouTube Vanced?

The reason behind the need to have the YouTube Vanced application is its unique appearance and the many features it provides. You can also download the app from the link above. Its primary goal is to take advantage of the unique features already present in the official app but to extend its functionality by adding some of the features that the popular YouTube application has but for which it is not licensed. The fact that it is not an application downloaded from the android market but rather a modded application downloaded through the use of codes allows it to run on many of the most popular mobile devices.

Features Of YouTube Vanced

  1. One of the main attractions of YouTube Vanced lies in the fact that it allows you to use a variety of themes. There are hundreds of different themes that you can choose from that help you customize the experience to your particular taste. You may want to have a relaxing theme or a wild animal theme, or you may prefer the classic image of an African landscape. Whatever your preference, you will be able to easily change it with the use of the thousands of different textures and themes available.
  2. Another attraction that makes YouTube Vanced an excellent option for those who want to get the most out of the Google play store is the fact that the app is completely free. It is available on a free trial for a limited period so you can easily test-drive the application and decide if it is right for you. The non-root variant is also supported by the same large community of developers that created the official Android app, making it an even more appealing option to potential users of the mobile device.
  3. One of the biggest attractions of YouTube Vanced is its ability to sync your favorite videos across all of your devices. That means that if you use the Google play store on your laptop and iPhone to watch videos, the YouTube Vanced app will automatically sync the videos on those two devices to provide you with a seamless viewing experience. You can easily use the two skins in conjunction with each other to create a new, unique look that is as striking as it is different from all of the other apps available on the google play store. The availability of two-skins makes it possible to use the YouTube Vanced app in a manner that is unique only to it.
  4. The next attraction to this YouTube video app is undoubtedly the swipe capability. Swiping up from anywhere within the video provides the full-screen experience, allowing you to see the full video. It has long been speculated that the best part of the swipe is the ability to start a video as you are swiping left or right. We have found this to be true as we were able to watch two different videos from two different devices simply by swiping back and forth. The feature works extremely well and provides us with one of the best experiences on any smartphone.


This popular YouTube Vanced video app is the auto-update mechanism. The program updates are sent to all users using an auto-update list that keeps the latest videos available without the need to manually check each one for updates. If you use the YouTube app on your iPhone, the YouTube Vanced auto-update list will ensure that new videos are available to watch without you having to do anything. This is another excellent example of how Google has made their mobile devices even more useful with such an intuitive user interface.

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