What Is An Auto Clicker - How Does It Work

Auto clickers are electronic devices that provide positive reinforcement for directed behavior. In business terms, an auto clicker is an automated form of macro or software that is employed to automatically trigger the clicking of a button on a specific computer screen area. Clickers may be automatically generated from various settings, or manually triggered to perform previously recorded input. Clickers are most commonly used as positive reinforcers in sales, training, and other supply chain tasks. Using a simple auto clicker with the correct key combination will produce the necessary positive reinforcement for the required actions.

Auto Clicker

What Is A Hotkey In Auto Clicker

A hotkey is a short keyword or keystroke combination. A hotkey can typically be typed into the appropriate field by pressing a corresponding key on a keyboard. Auto clicker is typically used with the hotkey management application, which allows the operator to specify a list of commonly used hotkeys. By using a clicker and the appropriate key combination, an auto clicker will start clicking the corresponding keyword automatically when the user starts typing a specified hotkey.

How Does an Auto Clicker Work?

Each auto clicker has a maximum number of milliseconds it can monitor before returning to the last detected hotkey. If the last detected hotkey is not used, the auto clicker will continue to search until it finds another word or key combination. The maximum and minimum times that the clicking sound can play out are usually between three to seven milliseconds. The more time intervals between the clicks, the less effective the device will be at triggering the correct actions.

Every auto clicker has a fixed point within which it will recognize a hotkey. This fixed point also called the triggering point, will vary from one model to another. Some models use a "zoom" feature, whereby the next keyword is bound to trigger the next action, and some use a fixed point that never changes. In general, the most effective models use a fixed point that repeats every eight milliseconds and does not change.

Most auto clickers will set up to search for words after the last typed character. They will then move on to the next keyword as soon as it has been recognized. While this process is often efficient, some users would prefer to have the auto clicker move backward through the words it has already found. To solve this problem, some clickers have a "step back" function that moves the auto clicker forward through the current search pattern, and the user can determine at what point in the pattern they want the unit to halt.

Most models that allow a user to set a fixed interval between searches also allow the user to set a maximum number of search phrases that can trigger an auto clicker. These maximum search phrases and their combinations are referred to as trigger phrases. Most units that allow a user to set a maximum search interval also allow the user to set a maximum number of consecutive clicks that will trigger an auto clicker. These two options are useful for those who wish to limit the amount of time that an auto clicker will spend searching for an item. For example, if a person is selling dog supplies, they may set the interval between searches at four, five, or ten seconds.

Auto Clicker - Setting Up 

The last major option that the user has available to them when setting up an auto clicker system is the ability to set up different ways to trigger clicking with each mouse button. Some clickers will allow a single mouse button to trigger the device, while others allow multiple clicks of a single mouse button. This allows a person to set up their automated system in a manner that best suits their specific needs. An individual who requires a unit that allows for a single mouse click per second could easily configure their system so that each mouse button will cause an auto clicker to trigger at the precise second that the button is pressed.

One of the most important considerations when setting up an auto clicker system is ensuring that the unit is easy to use for any user. 


Many clickers will come with great instruction manuals that provide detailed instructions on how to set up and use the unit. A good unit should contain user-friendly graphical instructions that allow any user, from the novice to the advanced user, to set up the unit with relative ease.

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