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Allô Artisans Limoges Taxis (AALT)
18 rue Alfred de Vigny - 87100 Limoges 
Tél: +33 5 55 38 38 38
Fax: + 33 5 55 38 40 50



Prices samples

The following examples will give you an idea about the approximate price of a ride. The exact price to pay is determined by the taxi fare meter. 

Departures from Limoges Bénédictins station :

Oradour sur Glane (day)43.00 €
Oradour sur Glane (night)64.00 €
Limoges Bellegarde airport (day)24.00 €*
Limoges Bellegarde airport (night)33.00 €*


Departures from Limoges Bellegarde airport :

Limoges Bénédictins station (day)24.00 €*
Limoges Bénédictins station (night)33.00 €*


Other services :

Waiting time, per hour, (day)22.40 €
Waiting time, per hour, (night)29.10 €
Pick-up supplement, Limoges Bénédictins station/ Limoges Bellegarde airport0.90 €
Transportation supplement for 4 adult people or more1.80 €
Suitcase or small hand luggagefree
Trunk, suitcase or parcel from 5 to 30kg0.50 €
Bicycle, puschair, baggage over 30kg0.95 €
Supplement for animal1.00 €
Minimum charge per journey6.86 €

 * Why not share? Offer "Regroupez-vous", Price per taxi, no extra charge for baggage.


Special taxi fares airport/train station

In line with our on-going policy of customer satisfaction, following the recommendations of the Grenelle Environment charter and in order to facilitate complementarities between sites, an agreement has been concluded between Limoges International Airport, the company “Allo Artisans Limoges Taxis "  (AALT) and French Rail (SNCF). 

It will offer a single rate for taxi transfers between Limoges airport and the Limoges railway station (and vice versa). 

For 24 € per transfer, whatever the number of passengers (max 4), it will now be possible to reach the train station or the airport, in twenty minutes time, at a flat rate.

To sum-up:

Transfers Limoges airport-Limoges train station: 7 days / 7 by taxi. (Beyond wait fixed rates)

  • Fixed Rates: 
    • 24 €* (inclusive of tax) per vehicle, Monday through Saturday
    • 33 €* (inclusive of tax) per vehicle, from 19h (night fare until 8am) , Sundays and bank holidays
    • No extra charge for luggage. 
  • Departures: in front of the airport terminal and outside the train station. 

* booking fees and wait times not included.

Information and pre-bookings available on: or by calling 00-33-555-38-38-38 (pre-booking advised but not compulsory) 

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